"Friendly and helpful..."
I love shopping at Taylor Bug's!! They are always friendly and helpful. Being a stay at home mother its very hard to afford new clothes for my kids so being able to take the clothes that my kids have outgrown and they can sell them and I can use the money to get my kids more clothes is awesome!! Thank yall for everything yall do!!!
Brandy    Pleasant Grove, AL
"..your employees know me by name..."
Love shopping and consigning here! You make it so easy... just drop it off, no ironing, hanging, or tagging necessary. And you give a fair percentage back compared to participating in a consignment sale without all the time-consuming work! I love that your employees know me by name when I come in too.
Sunny    Bessemer, AL

What others are saying about us.....

"If it wasn't for Taylor Bug's I couldn't dress them this cute!"
 I think I have been shopping with you since you first open your doors but four years ago I had to get custody of three of my grandchildren ages 1,2 & 3, already had one granddaughter who was 10 so this made four grandchildren, the youngest 3 hardly had anything, I came there and bought their wardrobe, shoes and toys, I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for Taylor Bugs because it would have been too expensive for me to have went shopping at the mall for 3 toddlers clothes,shoes and toys! I love that you have some of the cutest clothes and shoes for all of my kids! I even have people tell me how cute I dress them, I say if it wasn't for Taylor Bugs I couldn't dress them this cute! I try to tell everyone I know especially grandmothers with a low income that has had to get custody of their grandchildren that Taylor Bugs is the best and most affordable place to shop! They also have the sweetest people who work there and greet you when you come in the door! I love Taylor Bugs!!!
Ruthie    Pleasant Grove, AL
"..it is divided up by age and gender..."
We love Taylor Bugs because we can get such good stuff for our money! And because it is so easy to look through since it is divided up by age and gender.
Lori      Bessemer, AL
"Great brands at unbeatable prices."
I'm pretty sure everything in my daughter's closet came from Taylor Bug's. Gap, Old Navy, Carter's, Matilda Jane, Petit Ami... Great brands at unbeatable prices. And when she outgrows them, I consign them and buy her a whole new wardrobe with store credit. It really couldn't be any easier on me or my wallet!
Rebekah    Hueytown, AL
 "...clean organized shop..."
 I am a Grandmother that loves a bargain and surprises for my grandchildren! I have 6 so the bargains at Taylor Bugs really help! Love the clean organized shop and wonderful staff!!!
'...always helpful!'
I always find something I can't leave the store without!! Very clean and always helpful! Thank you Tiffany!!
Kate    Hueytown, AL
"I absolutely adore this place!"
As a bargain shopper, I absolutely adore this place! Great deals on great clothes. I couldn't ask for a better place to shop for my son, nieces, and nephews. Also, super friendly and helpful staff
Claire    Rock Creek, AL
"huge blessing to my family!!!"
We love Taylor Bug's!! I consign and then use my credit to shop for the new season! Taylor Bug's is a huge blessing to my family!!!
Emily    Hueytown, AL
"Overall a wonderful staple in the community!"
Shopping here is always a pleasure and sometimes the highlight of my day. The whole staff is amazing and make me feel like I am part of the Taylor bug family. My favorite moment so far has been when Emaleigh told me she was having a baby! To have her share that with me was so special and then of course whenever Katie tries to help us get remi out of the playroom lol! Overall a wonderful staple in the community!
Tiffany    Hueytown, AL
"...pleased with the amount of items I got for the price."
I have no clue where to begin! I love the clothes, service, kindness, and the cleanliness. I always leave so pleased with the amount of items I got for the price. Keep up the great work!
"...ministry to children"
 I purchase clothes for several children that live below poverty standards. Taylor Bugs make it so easy to come in and look through the clean, stain free, sorted by size clothes and shoes. This business is a great way to provide ministry to children.
"having a play area for the kids is a huge plus.."
 I love Taylor Bug's! It's great having a place local and family owned where you can trust you're done right and getting a good deal. It helps out so much to be able to bring in the things my daughter has outgrown and in return get the next season of clothes when my things sale especially without dealing with the headache of trying to sell it myself. The atmosphere is great, the employees are wonderful, it's nice being able to walk in to a store where the employees know you and you can tell they care, and having a play area for the kids is a huge plus as every shopping mom knows . Y'all are such a blessing to the community and I'm so glad to shop with y'all!
Hannah    Hueytown, AL
"...my son found a suit that made his day."
I remember when you opened. Now you have helped me bring my little girl home in style who will be two now but I think the best happened Monday. We had been looking for a suit for my son to wear to his dance but couldn't afford a lot. I came in to check on shoes for my daughter and get the formula thing for the baby and my son found that suit that made his day and made him so happy. Thank you for that.
​"...they offered to help me shop and help with my baby..."
 Wow, what to say! There are so many positive things to say. I had a baby boy in June and for those of you that have boys know it's very hard to find cute clothes for them. I went to Taylor Bugs for the first time when my baby was prob a month or two old. I live in Blount County and come to visit my parents about once a week. The first time I went in I couldn't stay very long because my parents were excited to see the baby, so I told the women I would be back when I dropped him off. My first outing without my baby this is where I went and stayed for a good 3 hours and trust me I found a lot of great things and great deals what great discounts they have(they prob had to restock after I left). Ok I will get to the main part now TAYLOR BUGS it's the best place I have shopped that had everything I was needing, the staff was amazing, patient, kind, helpful, I asked so many questions that first time they answered everything, they helped me get what I needed, and even helped me to the car with my mega load. Everything my son has, really has came from Taylor Bugs, the things I have bought brand new, my son does not like. I even brought him in the store with me and he was not happy about shopping, they offered to help me shop and help with my baby WOW how many places will do that.
I love this store and will never buy a new toy or outfit from anywhere other than Taylor bugs, the prices are wonderful for any type of shopper and in like brand new condition. My mother jokes now everytime I tell her I'm on my way, she will ask if I am stopping at Taylor Bugs first or her house first. I haven't had the chance to do the consignment part yet, but will soon. If you have little ones this is a must shop!!!
Kelly    Blount Co, AL
"her staff makes me feel welcome every time I go in!"
Love love love Taylor Bug's!! Been shopping and consigning since they first opened. My son sadly has outgrown them but have a daughter that probably never will:) Tiffany and her staff makes me feel welcome every time I go in!
Anna    Hueytown, AL
"...favorite local store for..."
Taylor Bug's is a favorite local store for me. I can get so much more for my money. You can easily find things because if how organized the store is. There are so many new or like-new items to choose from! The staff is very friendly and helpful!
Savannah    Hueytown, AL
"name brand clothing at unbeatable prices."
LOVE this store! Super sweet staff! It's always so easy to take my items in. It seems like I always have a check just when God knows we need it! My stuff sells great and I can always find things for my kids. It's great to have a place I can trust to take my gently used things without them going to waste or being thrown out! Thanks for all you do Taylor Bugs
Stacy    McCalla, AL 
"A place I can trust..."
Taylor Bug's is seriously the best children's clothing store! I love that it is local and has the best name brand clothing at unbeatable prices. Tiffany and her staff are excellent and do such a great job keeping the clothes organized and updated. Most of my daughter's clothing is from Taylor Bug's and when she outgrows her outfits we just consign and use store credit to get more!
Ryan    Hueytown, AL
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